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> Delegation Responds to announcement of Canada’s support of 1.5  
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> New post on Indigenous Rising
> Indigenous Environmental Network COP21 Delegation Responds to  
> announcement of Canada’s support of 1.5 Climate Target
> by Suzanne Dhaliwal
> For Immediate Release
> December 6th, 2015
> Contact: Dallas Goldtooth, Indigenous Environmental Network,  
> France: +33 75 1413 823, US: + 708 515-6158, dallas at ienearth.org
> Indigenous Environmental Network COP21 Delegation Responds to  
> announcement of Canada's support of 1.5 Climate Target
> Paris, France – Indigenous peoples from Canada, U.S. and the world  
> were initially elated to hear that Canada’s Minister of Environment  
> and Climate Change Catherine Mckenna told world leaders in closed- 
> door climate negotiations in Paris Canada supports a position to  
> restrict global warming to 1.5 Celsius endorsing a more ambitious  
> target for cutting greenhouse gases than the 2 degrees goal the UN  
> climate change summit is officially aiming for.
> “I shake Canada’s hand for supporting a 1.5 Celsius position.  
> However, the Global Indigenous Peoples Caucus has always argued for  
> a 1.5 degree. That has never changed.” Tom BK Goldtooth, Executive  
> Director of the Indigenous Environmental Network, a North American- 
> based indigenous organization. “What remains to be seen is how  
> Canada aims to achieve this school without a commitment to stop the  
> expansion of the Alberta tar sands and its associated pipelines and  
> begin the rapid transition to a renewable economy. This would the  
> real news and commitment that we want from Canada to deeply commit  
> to responding to the climate crisis.”
> Trudeau was disappointed with President Obama’s decision to not  
> move ahead with Keystone XL pipeline in November, citing his  
> concerns about the impacts of the decision on the Canadian the  
> economy and job generation. He has not fully outlined a plan for  
> fully moving Canada away from the highly-polluting fossil fuels  
> towards a green economy.
> “Canada’s commitment to the 1.5 degree target is a step in the  
> right direction that appears to recognize the urgency of the  
> position we are in now globally with the climate crisis.  If the  
> Canadian government walks its talk, it could provide the political  
> circumstance to bring us into the future with the kind of  
> investment we need for the required all-hands-on-deck approach we  
> need to stopping melting glaciers and build a justice based  
> renewable energy economy for Canada. This unequivocally means  
> halting  the expansion of the tar sands and associated pipelines  
> like Trans-Canada’s energy east and Kinder Morgans Trans-Mountain.  
> As indigenous Peoples this is our opportunity to have our wisdom  
> and knowledge heard and offer many solutions to the global climate  
> crisis that do not commodify and threaten the biodiversity we  
> depend on for our livelihood.” Tantoo Cardinal Metis/Cree Actor  
> from Fort Mcmurray, Alberta, Canada
> Despite the rhetoric coming from Trudeau the government of Canada  
> seems determined to push tar sands oil out to international markets  
> by any means necessary.
> "As Denedeh people of the North and the Arctic we have already  
> experienced a 2 degree shift and real impacts of climate change. We  
> are also downstream from the largest industrial project on the  
> planet, the Alberta Tar Sands, that are compounding climate change  
> impacts through the contamination and degradation to the lands we  
> rely on. We need more than written or verbal commitments, we need  
> real action on climate now and that means we can't expand the tar  
> sands and we must keep fossil fuels in the ground." Daniel  
> T’Seelie, Dene community member.
> Suzanne Dhaliwal | December 7, 2015 at 11:22 pm | Categories:  
> Featured | URL:http://wp.me/p53nUw-j5
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