[Autochtones-cop21] COP21   Retrouvez   Children's home   du Groenland   à   "l'Ambassade des Peuples autochtones"   la Bellevilloise Paris 20°   le 9/12 à partir de 16h00

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COP21   Retrouvez   Children's home   du Groenland   à   "l'Ambassade des Peuples autochtones"   la Bellevilloise Paris 20°   le 9/12 à partir de 16h00

Mercredi 9 décembre   16h00 Children's home  

  In addition to the projects that are based on more physical activities, there has for many years been a music teacher permanently attached to the orphanage in Uummannaq. She comes at least once a year, and work with our children and young people in 3 - 4 weeks. Each time the music teaching process ends up with some sort of concert performances. In 1999 the orphanage gave a concert in Katuaq, the culture house of Nuuk on the United Nations Children’s Day. We were some of the first children and young people who appeared on the new national scene with classical music, which was a great experience. In 2004, the concerts were a substantial portion of our jubilee event. Here the children were allowed to put their personal fingerprint on the anniversary both together and separately. When our music teacher is in Uummannaq the children and young people become individual instrumental lessons, where they learn to play at least one instrument. At the same time they are also practicing to playing together. This means that the children have many hours of testing and training each day. It is a rigorous program that requires some discipline on children and young people, as well as a precise observance of meeting times for tests and teaching. During this process children and young people fits their school and work, as the music teaching takes place in their spare time. The music and teaching helps to teach children to keep appointments, and teaching them to concentrate individually. At the same time they learn to listen to others and work with others. They also learn to respect each other and wait for each other and thereby become more persistent and good at what they are working on. All our children come from a chaotic background, where there have been quite a lot of things that have not been done systematical and thus not worked predictably and regularly Music is sound organized in time. If the timing is not precise and the pace is not followed by all then the sounds is not good. Working with such systems and follow a common line and working together is a great way to get introduced some systems and some regularity in children's and young people's lives. Music and interaction is a good tool to illustrate what happens if we all work together and follow a specific timing and pace. You feel it immediately and children and young people can hear immediately that it does not work, if there is even one that differs a little bit from the pace and cooperation. The children also learn that by making a contribution; can help to create something beautiful and meaningful with others. By playing at a concert the children and young people many personal gains. The experience to be excited, and maybe a bit nervous before the show. We teach them to use those emotions in a positive and appropriate manner. During the concert, they experience that the hard work is bearing fruit when the music and the timing fits together. And last but not least so that they learn to accept praise, expression and recognition from others after the concert. They also learn to share success and applause of others when they play together in a large group, and experience on the way to be part of a community that gets positive attention and recognition.        

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