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Vous trouverez ci-après le Communiqué de presse de IEN concernant la 
venue de leur délégation à Paris pour la COP21.

A ce soir!


De : 	Indigenous Environmental Network <media at ienearth.org>



November 23, 2015

*No War, No Warming - Build an Economy for People and Planet*

*/Despite the ban on Protest in Paris, we will be there to raise our 
voices against war, racism and pollution profiteering. We stand in 
solidarity with the countless victims of recent violence in Paris, 
Beirut, and Mali, as well as their families and loved ones./*

The It Takes Roots to Weather the Storm delegation 
of over 100 frontline leaders from climate impacted communities across 
the US and Canada, including the Arctic, united under the slogan: *No 
War, No Warming - Build an Economy for People and Planet. *We stand 
against the criminalization of the defenders of Mother Earth and the 
illegitimate criminalization of protest, in particular during the COP21. 
Civil society, popular movements, indigenous movements and society in 
general have the right to raise their voices in dissent, especially when 
our futures are being negotiated. The voices of Indigenous peoples, 
youth, women and frontline communities need to provide guidance in these 
negotiations, now more than ever.

Climate justice seeks to address much more than greenhouse gas 
emissions, but the root systemic causes of climate change itself. 
Climate justice is about social and economic justice, and how 
democratic, peaceful and equitable solutions, not military violence, 
best serve the interests of humanity. The fossil fuel economy is a 
driver of this multi-faceted crises facing the world: causing resource 
wars; polluting our air, water and land; creating illness and death to 
people and of ecosystems; privatization of nature; economically 
exploiting Indigenous communities, communities of color and the working 
poor; forcing mass migrations; and, depriving millions of adequate food, 
access to water, housing, healthcare and healthy and safe employment.

As part of a global climate justice movement, we oppose the bombing of 
Syria. Over many decades we have witnessed that Western militarism has 
only increased the instability of the Middle East and other regions. 
This militarism abroad has also escalated the military complex at home 
in the United States, where communities resisting the industries causing 
climate change, have been heavily policed and targeted by police violence.

Our delegation is made up of grassroots leaders from Indigenous, Black, 
Latino, Asian and working class white communities.   We know first-hand 
the violence and repression of state racism that exploits tragic moments 
like this. We reject rising Islamophobia and racism across Europe and 
North America, as well as the scapegoating of migrants and refugees. The 
global community has a human rights responsibility to refugees fleeing 
violence and fleeing for their lives. The roots of the Syrian crisis are 
linked to climate change, and those seeking refuge because of drought, 
repeated bombing, and the lack of humanitarian support from world 

We are in solidarity with undocumented peoples, migrants and people of 
color facing repression, raids, and police brutality in France and 
Europe. We know that people of color face extreme violence within and 
because of colonial States. We support our comrades in this time as we 
know they face even more racism, attacks and nation-State violence. We 
call for continued support for these communities and their organizing 
efforts. Understanding that our struggles are inextricably linked 
through globalization, militarization, and neo-liberalism, stemming from 
a long history of colonialism.

Taking action on climate is a essential to global stability and peace. 
Peace also includes the need to have peace with Mother Earth. Our 
movements are aligned across issues of migration, climate, human rights 
and rights of Indigenous peoples, Earth jurisprudence, jobs and 
housing.   We are calling on world leaders, and President Obama in 
particular, to move toward inclusion over exclusion, renewable clean 
energy over pollution profiteering, cutting emissions at source over 
carbon trading and offset regimes, and peace over militarism.

We are inspired by the tenacity and humanity of people around the world, 
and we will continue to mobilize for Paris and to use our love, 
creativity and solidarity to make our presence known and felt. The 
protection of Mother Earth, as we know her, and our collective survival 
is at stake.

Media Contacts:
Jaron Browne 415-377-2822, jaron at ggjalliance.org 
<mailto:jaron at ggjalliance.org>
Dallas Goldtooth 708-515-6158, goldtoothdallas at gmail.com 
<mailto:goldtoothdallas at gmail.com>
Preeti Shekar 510-219-4193, preetishekar at gmail.com 
<mailto:preetishekar at gmail.com>

*Follow us at:* ittakesroots.org 
Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, @ggjalliance
Indigenous Environmental Network, @ienearth
Climate Justice Alliance, @cjaOurPower


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