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Ven 11 Sep 10:58:09 CEST 2020

RED FAWN est LIBRE !!!!!!!! (cf. ci-après le message de Phillis Young, 
matriarche de Standing Rock, Co-fondatrice de WARN, guerrière de l'AIM 
et membre de Lakota People's Law Project)

Une belle journée à toutes et tous avec cette bonne nouvelle !


(Afin de répondre à Héléna d'Incomindios, pour faire un don pour l'aider 
à sa sortie de prison, notamment acheter prochainement une voiture 
d'occasion pour visiter sa famille régulièrement, utiliser directement 
le paypal de Red Fawn -> https://www.paypal.me/RedFawn303 

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Sujet : 	DAPL: Welcome home, Red Fawn!
Date : 	Thu, 10 Sep 2020 20:21:00 -0400
De : 	Phyllis Young, Lakota Law

Our sister is free, but the fight for justice continues

Lakota Law

Dear Sylvain,

Red Fawn Fallis is free! Last night, I and a few others joyfully met her 
at the airport in Bismarck to welcome her home. Over the past four years 
spent in prison, Red Fawn made a great sacrifice for all of us. Red Fawn 
was the person incarcerated the longest after our NoDAPL stand. She 
didn’t deserve that. A well-loved Oglala activist, she served as a medic 
at our /Oceti Sakowin/ protest camp before being targeted by 
intelligence operatives 
and falsely imprisoned.

Lakota LawRed Fawn Fallis (left), Arrow Banks (center), and me in 
Bismarck after Red Fawn’s release. /(photo 9/9/20)/

As with Chase Iron Eyes, Red Fawn was singled out by law enforcement at 
Standing Rock — and, sadly, she wound up bearing the brunt of police and 
state anger over our resistance. Of course, we know the real criminals 
are the oil companies and those in government and law enforcement who 
aid and abet their destruction of Mother Earth.

I am, and have always been, proud to stand at Red Fawn’s side. Though 
she’s now back with her community, this cannot be called justice. While 
she spent years behind bars, DAPL has operated without adequate 
environmental review.

Lakota Law 
time ago, our friends at Teton Productions made this video 
about Red Fawn’s incarceration. She’s finally been released after 57 
months in prison.

Always, the benefit of the doubt goes to white men and their industry, 
never to Native people who stand to protect the natural world. If we 
stop fighting, that pattern will never change. We must continue to 
protect our water, our sacred lands, and our future.

For those who continue to resist, we will be there with you and have 
your back. For example, we stand in solidarity with a civil lawsuit — 
Thunder Hawk vs. Morton County — to protect our freedom of speech at 
Standing Rock. We’ll also continue telling the real and full story of 
our resistance. Right now, our digital media team is teaching a class at 
Loyola University in Chicago. Each of the 25 students is helping us 
prepare content for our DAPL Archive, which will ultimately be the most 
comprehensive storehouse of DAPL-related footage available to the 
general public, anywhere.

We remain ever grateful to you for your support. Together, we’re 
creating a repository of information useful to resisters of every 
stripe: educators, journalists, attorneys, anyone who wants to apply the 
lessons of the recent past to what comes next.

What comes next for Red Fawn is re-entry in our culture after nearly 
four lost years. We intend to do everything we can to support her, love 
her, and honor the sacrifice she has made for all of us. We know you are 
in this fight with us. Please join us in welcoming our sister back by 
resolving to keep your heart open and your commitment to justice firm.

/Wopila tanka/ — Thank you, always, for standing with Standing Rock.

Phyllis Young
Standing Rock Organizer
The Lakota People’s Law Project

Lakota People's Law Project 

Lakota People's Law Project
547 South 7th Street #149
Bismarck, ND 58504-5859

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